Ibrahimovic Video Score: four / 5

24 thoughts on “AC Milan VS AS Roma (2-1) – Zlatan Ibrahimovic Amazing Goal HD 24/3-2012”

  1. As a defender my first reaction is wtf is Kaer doing here? But Ibra is that strong, and in a pushing game he will destroy you. What a beast!

  2. Nice clip of the greatest footballplayer Zlatan Ibrahimovic. He started career in Malmö FF. It will be fun to watch the game agains Barcelona. ZLATAN ÄGER…….. see the more from the game on ……bertil1940

  3. Messi and C Ronaldo score more goals, Ibra scores more beautiful ones!

    IMO, Zlatan Ibrahimovic is the best player in the world of today.

    No other player on Earth features the same combination of strength, skills and – above all – the same importance for the team as a whole.

  4. Your such an ignorant fool. How can you say something so stupid. Have you noticed since he went abroad he won EVERY league title possible? With 5 different teams. He scores a goal every 96 minute. He’s extremely strong and I believe he would do great in EPL.
    I amused of the hatred I sometimes hear for this guy, he might not be the most charming bloke, but the dude know how to play football. NOONE can argue against that

  5. First off, the EPL sucks as compared to the Serie A. The Serie A is much more intense, and tactical football is played, not the “gung ho” attacking football that is rampant in the BPL. Secondly, Ibrahimovic has 29 goals on the season, with 9 more Serie A games to go AND some Champions League games still. In additon, he has scored 22 goals in 23 games. That’s nearly a goal per game; the only players who match that is Messi and Ronaldo, but look at THAT league they play in…

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