Zlatan Ibrahimovic has hinted that he might join the MLS if he gets the chance in future.

Ibrahimovic’s national side Sweden couldn’t qualify for the World Cup Finals in Brazil. So, the striker is currently free and he is using his leisure time watching MLS.

In one of his recent interviews, when Ibrahimovic was asked what he would do if he gets an offer from one of the MLS clubs, he said, “I would give it a thought surely. I have heard a lot of good things about the league in USA. One of my closest mates Thierry Henry plays in that league and he has been having a fabulous time.”

Although Ibrahimovic has said in the past that he would be happy if his career gets over at Paris Saint-Germain only, the above statement made by him suggests that he would not mind giving MLS a go in the latter stages of his career.

Ibrahimovic would have been in Brazil presently playing in the World Cup if his team Sweden had got better of Portugal in the last qualifying round.

But, that didn’t happen. Portugal won by a profound margin which left Ibrahimovic deeply hurt.

When asked how it feels watching the World Cup from outside, the Sweden international said, “It doesn’t feel good if you are a player and you have missed to qualify by a slender margin. I am still hurting. I wanted to win matches for my country at the biggest stage.”

Ibrahimovic’s stats at the international level are just superb. He has made 98 appearances for Sweden till now and has found the back of the net 48 times.

The striker played his first match for Sweden more than 13 years back i.e. in January, 2001.