One of the names that is famous other than Ronaldo and Messi is Luis Suarez. He is the one among those players who appeared in El Proceso in 2006. Suarez had performed so best that he made to the senior team in 2007. He was recognized for his heroic performance in the 2010 World Cup for Uruguay. He was criticized for being involved in several biting incidents later on. Yet he didn’t lose his hopes and kept scoring goals in all the matches he played. He was considered one of the best players in Liverpool. Later he again got into racial abuse case with Patrice Evra. Nothing led him to failures in his career. He continued to play well and got the title PFA player of the year for 2013-14.

In 2014, he joined Barcelona and shined well along with Lionel Messi and Neymar. He hit 25 goals in his first ever match being in Barcelona team, and scored well in championship League finals. By hitting 40 goals he won Pichichi award, which only Messi and Ronaldo were known to win. Nothing stopped his success until he suffered hamstring during the end of 15-16 season. He was removed from Copa America Centenario with Uruguay.

Luis found hard to get back to his pace after the recovery. Struggled hard to meet the expectations of the team, but he couldn’t. He found it hard to turn his defenders and run into the open in 17-18 season. Again, the world turned to criticize him but this time for his performance. His team decided to replace him and they’re still trying. Suarez strived hard to improve and get back to his pace. He managed to score 2-3 goals in all the matches he played later on.

Slowly, his victory is seen. He passes the ball excellently and he recently well this October. He is a great example of people who pick up themselves from rock bottom and raise like Phoenix.

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