Ibrahimovic Video Rating: four / 5

26 thoughts on “Zlatan Ibrahimovic, 2009/2010 (pt.10) / Compilation In FC Barcelona /Goals Skills Freestyle tricks!”

  1. guardiola prob wanted ibra to dive and he was like HELL NO FUCK YOU BITCH!
    that is why pep the bastard sold great players like eto, deco, ronaldinho, and ibra.

  2. Goes to show how Mourinho is better than Pep. Having managed Zlatan @ Inter,Mou knows how to get into player’s heads to make em feel comfortable and explode their talent. Would have been interesting if Mourinho managed barcelona, maybe in a parallel universe haha

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  4. he played better than ppl say, but he still doesnt fit barca, and since he left they won the cl again, zlatan really has bad luck
    he leaves inter, they win it, he leaves barca, they win it

  5. He is up there with Pelé Maradona and Messi! Barca is the greatest team ever, but they lost one of the greatest artist in footboll ever. They don´t need him to win, but it sure was beautifull when Ibra was in team football heaven.

  6. @cleevland123 – Hahaha. David Villa is just waiting at the top at all times. Xavi, Messi and Iniesta are the real world talents of Barcelona. Every single club Ibra has been to, he has adjusted and been the best player in the league he plays several times.

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