Zlatan Ibrahimovic can be very, very ruthless at times. Of course he is a superstar, probably the biggest one playing in France. Still, the way he talks sometimes, it’s not likeable.

But, he is that way only. He is the same with the opposing players on the pitch, the same with the match officials and the same with the media people.

You just don’t want to upset the guy; otherwise, there is a very high possibility that you would find yourself being caught in an embarrassing situation.

After the conclusion of the league game between Paris Saint Germain and Rennes yesterday, a journo, who was not from one of the biggest networks and did not have a photographer with him either, asked Ibrahimovic a tricky question which the striker did not like at all and he made the situation very, very uncomfortable for the journo.

The journo would be thinking later on he would perhaps have been better off not asking that question.

Ibrahimovic started counter questioning the journo, “You have more knowledge of the game than the players?

The journo replied, “Definitely not”,

“Then, why do you ask such things?” Another rude question by Ibrahimovic and everybody over there was taken aback.

The journo was just trying to do what he was sent for by his employers. He had every right to ask any question related to the game and he did only that. There was no need for Ibrahimovic to overreact in that fashion and treat him like that. That was not pretty at all.

And, Ibrahimovic did not stop there. He kept slamming the guy for not bringing a photographer.

‘Low budget’ was the term that Ibrahimovic used for the journo.

And, then, he wore a wide grin on his face which was saying “You know what. Don’t mess with me. Stay away.”