Ibrahimovic Video clip Score: 3 / five

24 thoughts on “Zlatan Ibrahimovic Injures His Own Teammate”

  1. I know that, moron. SO SVENSSON FALLS because Ibrahimovic pushes him. Still it’s not done on purpose. Relax and keep your trigger-happy vocabulary calm.

  2. He obviously didn’t injure Majstorovic (the bald guy who gets Svensson over his leg) on purpose… He can’t help that he is the strongest motherfucker on the pitch

  3. isto é ridiculo, simplesmente usou o corpo para proteger a bola pois estava na frente do lance, o outro jogador é que não aguentou a carga e rebolou 2 metros até bater no companheiro que estava pregado ao chão pelos vistos lol 🙂

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