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23 thoughts on “Zlatan Ibrahimovic – My life after Barcelona – 2012 || HD ||”

  1. no… he left just as messi started to play a more central role instead of right wing so he wouldn’t have got in the team. he didn’t leave glory behind at all, where is the glory in sitting on the bench while somebody better than you wins trophies.

  2. It’s nothing with his career it’s just the way he is, he wants to be the best, he would always work harder on things he wasn’t good at so he could get better, he wants to be the best and he wants to be a champion and I respect him for that

  3. the fact is ibra wanted to be a big fish in a small pond rather than playing along side messi iniesta xavi pedro etc, now hes at milan and is dominating everyone because he’s a fucking monster. its his attitude which means that he can never fit into a side full of the best players in the world, ik if it was growing up for the swedish national team, playing for relatively small swedish clubs or whatever, but he has always had to be the best player in his team, thats just him.

  4. What is there to respect? I learnt football from him, I play football because of him. He taught me never to give up in whatever u r doing and keep on growing. Immense respect for Zlatan, he is my hero. And he left Barca because of his personal issues with Pep, not because any technical fault (He is a pro unlike u sitting behind a computer screen yapping).

  5. Why is he so hated at Barcelona? He gave his all at Barca and when he joined your club he said I’m the happiest men in the world. Show him a little bit RESPECT! Why he is not playing at Barca any more, read his book and u’ll know it.

  6. Thank you, I know all that. Calling a stranger a motherfucker tells a lot about your class so I won’t even bother caring. Go look in the mirror, you’ll find the horny pussy there.

  7. i never heard so much bullshit in my life that i heard from barca fans..your problem is this u cant win champions league so u try to buy them..messi is not the best player of all times so barca is helped so his helped by refs and the team plays for him to be at list as good as di stefano maradona pele zidane ronaldo the phenomenon cruyff stoikovic and so on..thats the problem..u can talk bullshit like about 2009 penalties chelsea clearly have it or u can admit it..but u are so fake as your club

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