With Sweden’s elimination from FIFA 2014 World Cup, forward Ibrahimovic has seemingly lost interest in the esteemed tournament the coming season. The leading Swedish player has even declared the 2014 Worlds as no compulsory view for him.

Sweden got eliminated in playoffs by Portugal last month that led to the disqualification of the Swedish soccer team in FIFA 2014 World Cup. It was certainly a huge burden for Ibrahimovic, he being the Swedish captain.

“I would be watching some of the games for sure”, stated the 32-year-old forward. “But it not something like that I would be running to sit before the television. It would be really struggling to watch the games.”

The Swedish national soccer team lost 3-2 to Portugal at home for 4-2 aggregate loss.

“I am suffering. It would go away very very slowly. Every game that I am into, I’m trying to vent out the anger in some positive way”, Ibrahimovic was upset for obvious reasons. “I feel this disappointment is going to boomerang in World Cup.”

The Swedish forward, who always refers to him as “Zlatan” repeatedly in 3rd person, expressed his deep annoyance with media citing that it’s the press that has portrayed the player as “cocky”, “arrogant” & as someone with big ego.

“When you have big ego issues, you cannot win as many as twenty trophies”, Ibrahimovic remarked. The player has won major league titles playing with PSG, AC Milan, Barcelona, Inter Milan and Ajax. “It is something what media is making up & you have nothing but to live with it.”

“I always try to stay what I am”, continued Ibrahimovic adding that he can appear pretty testy during the interviews. “If you are asking some stupid question, it’s natural that you would be getting some stupid answer as well. That is the very way it goes.”