Ibrahimovic Video Ranking: four / 5

25 thoughts on “Zlatan Ibrahimovic ● All 35 Goals ● 2011-2012”

  1. I don’t doubt his qualities – my point is his goalscoring record (35 in 41) is less remarkable when you consider how many were scored from the spotkick. Moreover, this has pretty much been the only season van persie has not suffered a major injury so saying hes only had 1 great season is unfair. Both are world class

  2. Lol its funny how you think you know shit about arsenal. Arsenal was so shitty this season. Even though im a gunner, they were horrible. Van persie scored so many unrealistic goals. Song, gervinho, and walcott barely got 40 assists all together. Thats so sad.

  3. Lol it’s funny when people say that. Have you seen VPs goals? Walcott/gervinho/song all got shitloads of assists. Any striker at arsenal will get chances, because of how they play.

  4. Barca fan? Remember that serie a isn’t la liga. He was the first since Gunnar Nordahl to scrore that much in Milan. THat includes Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Chevchenko, and 50 years of world class players.

  5. OK I’m no longer going to talk to you about football, please stop being such a Zlatan I really Like Zlatan as player he is amazing! But your overrating him…

  6. what are you talking about? van persie recent years has always been injured/benched and have never been this good as he was last season. first time aswell he wins golden boot. Van persie is 28 and never won a big title except FA cup lol and Zlatan has won 8years in row now with Inter/Juventus/Barcelona and Milan. he went pass shevchenkos record for scoring this season also. Ibra is much better then VP and much bigger player. zlatan 35goals this season more to come next

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