Ibrahimovic Video Rating: four / 5

27 thoughts on “Zlatan Ibrahimovic Top 30”

  1. Zlatan is from MalmΓΆ, that’s only 20 miles from where I live and also one of my

    friends knows one of his cousins!

    Thumbs up if you don’t give a fuck !

  2. @chutubeme Please dont rate rooney he is a joke, he can only play good in the premiership, When his versing people overseas, his scared to even move the ball!

  3. Ibra is not the best player in the world , STILL he scored the BEST goals EVER . the num 1 goal should be the one ibra scored with inter against Bolognia , i don’t know how this gal was missed

  4. @DADDYnick007 i guess it depends on what people look for in a goal, thats why the maker arranged them that way. my fav was number 3, but it still pales in comaprison to the flair and unexpectedness of nyumber 1 πŸ˜€

  5. @mogge2k

    Just joking, of course i know ibra haha it was just for the laughs, yes he is one of the best but im an arsenal fan for life and he definitly put some metal in us .

  6. @arsenalfc250

    Did you begin support Arsenal yesterday? explain to me how you missed the worlds second largest transfer in history of football (Zlatan Inter-Barcelona) and when he arrived he scored twice at Emirates sending Gunners out of the Champions league… or should i say Arsenal so you understand?

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